Kamado Joe Classic Joe 18 Inch Ceramic Grill

The 10 Second Review:

By far, the biggest competitor to the Big Green Egg is the "Kamado Joe" ceramic cooker. It is one of the earliest competitors in the market and has a large following similar to the BGE.

The Classic Joe 18" Ceramic grill should not be looked at as an off-brand grill. With a nice bundle of accessories standard with the grill, countless additional accessories and ceramic construction that is actually thicker than the big green egg some owners would argue it is the best kamado available.

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“Some people would argue that the Big Green Egg brand is the most popular due to the fact they have been around the longest, and I am starting to lean towards that line of thought after seeing the Classic Joe 18″ Ceramic Grill.”

The heavy duty ceramic of the Kamado Joe is actually thicker than that of the Egg grills and the attention to detail of the craftsmanship and functionality of the grill easily matches that of the Eggs. Coupled with the huge selection of accessories and it is easy to see why there is heated debate on which is the better cooker.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the features and functions…

One of the first thing you will notice when you get your Kamado Joe Classic Joe is the sheer weight of the grill. Weighing in at a beefy 188lbs it boasts heavy duty ceramic ceramic construction that will hold temperature flawlessly and last a lifetime. Here is a breakdown of the high quality parts:

  • Heavy duty, super-thick high temperature ceramic vessel
  • Cast iron dual disc top vent to allow for accurate temperature control
  • Main hinge made from powderdered coated galvanized iron
  • Sturdy 304 grade strainless steel draft door allows additional temp control
  • Exclusive slide out ash drawer and ash tool to easily empty ashes
  • High density polyethylene folding side shelves with 4 pins on each shelf for hanging all your grilling tools
  • Steel cart with locking caster wheels that allow for easy moving and positioning of the grill and stability when wheels are locked.

The next thing you will notice is that the Kamado Joe grill comes with everything you need to utilize your grill! Where as other brands only give you the basics, with the Classic Joe you get a full set of accessories to get you started. Beyond the included accessories there is also a plethora of other goodies you can get for your Kamado Joe grill.

Included in the standard package is:

  • cart with locking wheels, built in thermometer
  • folding poly shelves
  • the impressively flexible “divide and conquer” cooking system with a multi position rack, halved grill grates
  • and ceramic heat deflectors
  • the patented sliding ash drawer
  • grill gripper
  • ash tool

If you look at what you get for your money with a Kamado Joe Classic Joe 18″ Ceramic Grill I think it is hard not to agree that the Big Green Egg may not be the “top-of-the-line” any more. After reviewing the Joe I would have to recommend anyone who is looking to buy a Kamado grill should seriously consider the Classic Joe.