Grill Dome Infinity Series Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Smoker Grill Review

The 10 Second Review:

The Infinity Series from "Grill Dome" is a great mid-range ceramic kamado grill. Beyond the basic features the only real noticeable upgrade is the super easy to open hinge that makes opening the grill ones handed a breeze for even a child.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the Grill Dome Kamado, its just that they did not go above any beyond with the features of this grill and while that may sound like a negative to some people, other love this grill because of it's sleek, no frills design.

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The Grill Dome Infinity Series is a beautiful grill, it’s smooth and sleek finish (available in multiple colors) gives it an almost futuristic look while it’s solid build commands respect. What the Infinity lacks in futuristic features it makes up for in construction; the super-thick ceramic walls and parts are heavy and high quality to ensure even cooking and years of use.

As mentioned there really are not many frills on this grill. This may bother some people who have used other more feature rich model but, it is the exact reason that most people buy this grill. There really is zero learning curve using the Grill Dome Kamado and coupled with the incredibly light hinge this grill is perfect for someone who is just starting out with a Kamado or even someone who is physically unable to open the heavier lids on other models.

There are a limited amount of accessories made by the Grill Dome company, however many of the accessories for other kamado grills work just fine with this grill.

One of the other reason people choose the Inifinity Series is the color selection; I know it sounds crazy but not everyone wants a giant green egg in their custom outdoor kitchen!

The pricing of the Grill Dome Infinity is really it’s biggest downfall. It is priced in the range of the highest-end grill available and the availability is limited. Being hard-to-find makes them almost have a sort of exclusivity to them making them even more desirable to some people.

All in all the Infinity Grill by Grill Dome is a well constructed and beautiful grill, but lacks the features and accessories to command it’s high price. Now, if you come across a great deal on one of these cookers, by all means don’t be scared to jump on it.