Kamado Grill Cookbook, The: Foolproof Techniques for Smoking & Grilling Review

The 10 Second Review:

After reading through Fred Thompson's "Kamado Grill Cookbook", it is very clear that this man is not just an avid grillmaster, but he is a kamado grill ninja! Included in the book is all the information you need to be a pro using your kamado presenting in an organized and clear manner. Regardless of the brand you own this could be considered the instruction manual.

Beyond the instuctional and basic grilling information, the book has 193 recipes that do an brilliant job of highlighting the flexibility of a kamado grill.

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All in all if you do not currently own any cookbooks for kamado recipes or you are a new owner of a egg grill then this should be considered as the first book you purchase. Let’s take a look at the Kamadoo Grill Cookbook chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1: Kamado Basics
The first chapter of the book covers the basics of using your grill. The author takes into consideration the different models of kamado grills so no matter the brand you own this chapter will be able to show you thing such as what type of fuel to use, wood selection, lighting your grill, maintaining temperature, manipulating temperature and basic cooking styles.

Chapter 2: Smoking in Kamado
Smoking meats is one of the oldest styles of cooking, however smoking in a kamado could possibly be the most effective way of imparting that delicious smokey flavor into foods. The Kamado Grill Cookbook does a wonderful job of highlighting the different types of food you can smoke. Smoking meats is just the beginning, smoked vegetabales, sauces and even desserts are great ways to explore the wonderful world of smoke!

Chapter 3: Grilling in the Kamado
From grilling burgers and steaks to full animals and masterfully flavored racks of ribs; Fred Thompson has you covered in this chapter. His masterfully crafted recipes and step by step instructions will make anyone look like a pro.

Chapter 4: Roasting in the Kamado
One of the areas that Kamados excel far beyond traditional bbq’s is with roasting. The heavy ceramic (or insulated metal depending upon the brand) traps heat in and holds even temperature while using a much smaller amount of fuel. Anything you can roast in your oven you will be pleasantly surprised to find out you can roast in your grill.

Chapter 5: Steaming & Braising in the Kamado
Steaming in a grill? That’s right, there is a whole chapter dedicated to recipes that are steamed and braised on your egg shaped grill.

Chapter 6: Baking in the Kamado
One of the things that has been growing in popularity in the BBQ scene is desserts, but don’t think this chapter is all about cakes and muffins. You will also find a great collection of breads, pizzas and other baked wonders that you can cook on your kamado.

Chapter 7: Rubs, Marinades, and Injections: The Building Blocks of Flavor
It’s not really a secret that real flavor in grilled meat is the seasonings that are added to the animal. This chapter if packed full of a great collection of rubs, marinades and injection solutions that covers a broad spectrum of meats and flavors.

Chapter 8: Sauces: The Final Flavor
Some of the great BBQ champions will tell you “It’s all in the sauce”. Well if that’s the case then it’s all in this chapter. Sauces from scratch made with exotic ingredients, simple to whip up sauces made from stuff you already have in the door of your fridge, and everything in-between can be found in this chapter.