Big Green Egg Pizza Stone

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The Pros:
The big green egg pizza stone is a heavy duty earthenware pizza stone that can take years of abuse and produce perfect pizza's every time!
The Cons:
There really isn't any downside to the big green egg pizza stone.

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If you like pizza (and who doesn’t?) then one of the first accessories you will need for your big green egg or other brand of kamado grill will be a big green egg pizza stone. I will tell you what: If you have never had a pizza cooked on a kamado grill then you have never experienced how truly awesome pizza can be.

The pizza stone is made with a super high temperature eathernware material that can take high heats for extended periods of time without cracking. Just for our tests we put the stone in for 2 hours at 600 degrees and the stone was unharmed.

Using the big green egg pizza stone is pretty straight forward, place the stone in the kamado and place your pizza on the stone. Cleaning up from normal use is no hassle, however for our tests we put a block of cheese on the pizza stone and thoroughly burnt it to a crisp. The result? It took about 5 minutes to clean, which still isn’t too bad.