Big Green Egg Review

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The Pros:
In short, if you can afford a big green egg; BUY IT! These grills are the top of the line when it comes to kamado style grills. They are a dream to cook on, the materials and craftsmanship of the grill is superb.
The Cons:
The biggest downside to the big green egg line of grills is the price tag. Depending on the size you want you can expect to pay almost $4000! Besides the price is the inability to purchase the grills online.

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The reliability you can expect when purchasing a green egg grill is rivaled by no other BBQ grill. Many of the owners refuse to buy any other grill and typically never need to because the egg will last many lifetimes if properly cared for.

The egg is so flexible in its cooking abilities that people have cooked wide varieties of foods from whole chickens, to pizza, to delectable desserts. The ease of use and simple maintenance makes green egg grills an ideal choice for beginners, but the advanced capabilities of them makes them an ideal choice for the professional grill master as well. The unique design and advancements allow you to cook virtually any food at any time throughout the year. You grill no longer has to collect dust during the frigid winter months.

Just a quick rundown of a few of the wonderful features of the green egg grills will show you why they have become so popular:

* Incredibly fast starting: In approximately 10 minutes you can be ready to cook…no fluid needed!
* The wall material which is mainly ceramic holds heat in for long periods of time and allows for even heat with no hot spots.
* Because of the perfectly insulated walls, less coal is needed to run the grill
* The closed design of green egg grills prevents flare ups which eliminate flare-ups
* Temperature range to the extremes: From 0 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit!
* No more seasonal grilling, green egg grills allow for you to cook in any environment, including the rain!
* Although the inner temperature can get blazing hot, the outside remains cool and safe for pets and children.
* The surface materials are made so that they are impervious to rust and the elements.
* Visually different design will always be a conversation piece at your outdoor gatherings!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other features that have not been listed here. Green egg grills are truly the wave of the future when it comes to outdoor cooking.