Big green egg prices have become more and more affordable in the years since this unique grill was invented. Originally appearing in a strip mall in 1970′s Atlanta, the creators bragged huge spikes in sales every year since its debut.

These grills have been developed an amazing following of dedicated grillers who swear by the egg. Because of big green egg prices being too high in the past many people were turned away from them, however it is often heard in grilling circles that once you go egg, you never go back. The loyal users of these grills affectionately refer to themselves as ‘eggheads’ and they are quite addicted to these ceramic grills.

A few of the reasons that are argued as to why big green egg prices are worth the investment include the incredible ability of the grills to quickly obtains a very high temperature and hold the temperature for an absorbent amount of time. Users report extremely even cooking temperatures and a remarkably easy to clean grill.

The ease of use and simple maintenance are very attractive to beginner grillers and the advanced alike!

Big green egg prices have been dropping consistently, however there are still better times of the year to purchase as demand play a big factor in these type of grills. The big green egg is currently protected by trademark; however it was developed from the design of Asian kamado style grills. These type of grills can sometimes be found cheaper than the egg.

U.S. military first saw these types of grills while overseas in the Pacific, however this style of grill can also be found in India and other countries through-out history. The big green egg is often referred to as the Swiss army knife of grills.

With the vast selection of green egg grills there is a solution for everyone. Big green egg prices range anywhere from $199.99 upwards of $1199.99 for the biggest and most feature rich models.

No matter how much you spend on your big green egg, you will not be disappointed in its use. It will undoubtedly serve you for many years and will be the talk of your neighbors and friends at all of your outdoor events.

Many home grillers who have purchased one are now so grill-savvy that they participate in grilling competitions. The most well know green egg cook-off is the Eggtoberfest, and happens every year in Atlanta. Dishes of all types and tastes appear there cooked only on the coveted green eggs. Everything from giant 10 pound cheeseburgers, to authentic Philly chessesteaks, to wonderfully baked pies can be found at this Egg-Tastic event!

Of course if you can accept the big green egg prices, but aren’t an experienced griller, there is still hope! For the new egg owners who would like some help getting to the top of the class of eggheads, egg classes will soon be unrolled on a nationwide scale. This will allow people of all skill levels to learn from the masters and help invent and shape the new lines of green egg cookers.

Big Green Egg Vertical Pot Roast
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Product Description
This tool is essential to the safe and clean handling of your grill grate in your Kamado or Ceramic Grill. Use it to lift out hot grates or greasy grates without having to touch the hot or cooking surface. Works great on Big Green Egg, Primo, Grill Dome, Kamado Joe or ANY Kamado style grill … or any grill for that matter!

Eggcellent Products Grill Gripper for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Grill Dome, Weber Smoker

  • Designed to fit
  • heavy construction, wont bend
  • quick ship

Product Description
these work very well. specially designed front to fit in the BGE, unlike other brands

Ash Tool for Big Green Egg & Kamado by Island Outdoor Products

  • Expert formula starts working immediately on contact to dissolve stubborn grease and food spills
  • Safe-to-use on all types of bbq grills
  • Also works great on other surfaces like stainless steel and non-aluminum/non-chrome pots and pans

Product Description
EASY-OFF BBQ Grill Cleaner is specially designed to eliminate even the toughest stains and grease on your grill.

Easy-Off Bbq Grill Cleaner – Aerosol 16 Ounce

  • 125 square inch cooking surface with a heat output of 9000 BTU/hr
  • Constructed of high quality stainless steel and comes fully assembled
  • Regulator has 1 inch to 20 inch throwaway cylinder threads
  • Can be easily mounted to any Kuuma rail, rod, or pedestal mount
  • Measures 19.75″ x 11.25″ x 11″

Product Description
The Kuuma Stow N’ Go 125 premium stainless steel grill is a compact grill that offers quality construction and convenient portability. Its compact size is perfect for when space is at a premium. Stow N’ Go grills can be easily transported and can also be mounted to any Kuuma rail, rod, or pedestal mount. The grill’s dimensions are 19.75″ x 11.25″ x 11″ with a cooking surface 125 square inches and a heat output of 9000 BTU/hr. Designed for high pressure propane – disposable or larger refillable tanks. Included regulator has 1″ – 20 throwaway cylinder threads.

Kuuma 58140 Stow N Go 125 Gas Grill w/ Regulator

  • The IQ120 pit controller precisely regulates the cooking temperature inside a charcoal pit for precision smoking! Based on the IQ110′s proven control technology, but with so many cool bells and whistles! As seen on Good Eats “Right on Que”. Alton Brown said: “It’s so cool !!”
  • Digital display indicates actual cooking temperature and food temperature too! Knob is actually a digital encoder – rotate to select parameters or change values from user friendly interface, click to select. So much easier than a keypad!
  • Programmable – automatically change cooking temp based on food temp, or based on a time delay! Set alarms to indicate food is done cooking or cooking temperature is out of range. 12 settable parameters in all! A large bi-color “cheat sheet” on the back lists all parameters and provides a short reminder of what it does. So easy yet so powerful!
  • Leftmost display digit is a “virtual blower”, rotating when the blower is rotating, providing feedback on how hard the unit is working. Indicates when the fuel is running low! Optional lid-off detection algorithm prevents unit from feeding the fire even more after a lid-off event!
  • Fits all Big Green Eggs (except small), all Primo Kamados, all Big Steel Kegs, all Bubba Kegs, Costcos Phase II Vision, Kamado Joes Big and Classic, and any kamado with sliding lower vent door height between 2-3/4″ and 3-3/4″. Everything included in kit for operation from AC power; operates from 12VDC cigarette lighter socket using optional adapter available separately.

Product Description
The IQ120 connects to nearly any charcoal or wood fueled barbecue pit. Here’s the amazing part: You set the cooking temperature on the dial and it then regulates the cooking temperature just like a kitchen oven does. In fact, it regulates the cooking temperature BETTER than most kitchen ovens! And better than a kitchen oven, your foods cook in a smoky environment that is naturally moist resulting in foods that are juicy, fall-off-the-bone tender, and simply delicious. The IQ120 is installed on most kamados without tools. First, the adjustable adapter is slid into the lower vent door track. The IQ120 ‘s air hose is then connected to the adapter. Finally, the temperature sensor is attached to the cooking grate and plugged into the IQ120. The only thing left is to get hungry! Includes IQ120 Blower Box, Air Tube, AC Power Supply, 6′ Smoker Temperature Probe, 6′ Food Temperature Probe, Users Guide, and Large Adjustable Kamado Pit Adapter Kit. Fits all Big Green Eggs (except small), all Primo Kamados, all Big Steel Kegs, all Bubba Kegs, Costcos Phase II Vision, Kamado Joes Big and Classic, and any kamado with sliding lower vent door height between 2-3/4″ to 3-3/4″.

IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit with Large Adjustable Kamado Pit Adapter

Product Description
Rachel was charged with murder of her husband and faced mandatory life imprisonment. Her lawyer Daniel found that the husband had been mentally and physically abusing her and the children for years and even raping four daughters. But, the law was not equipped to deal with a killing in domestic battering relationship. The husbands words and conducts at the killing night seemed rather usual but not provocative. Daniel argued non-traditional provocation defence. To convince the general society who feels that a woman who kills her husband is wicked even if she killed to save her and her girls from the abusive husband and father, Daniel took a bold tactics.

Good Wife Kills Husband

  • The Vision Grills Kamado Classic replicates wood oven cooking and provides flexibility to sear, grill and smoke meats and vegetables as well as bake pizzas and bread. The Vision Grills Pro Zone will take your grilling experience to a new level delivering restaurant quality flavors and moisture. Experience the flavor of Kamado style charcoal cooking. The grill is constructed of high grade ceramic for precise temperature control, and delivers 596 square inches of cooking space with 2-tiered stainless steel flip grates. Includes 2-solid surface drop down shelves, stainless steel calibrated top vent, 4-wheeled cart with locking casters for mobility, and a heavy duty vinyl cover. The Vision Grills Kamado Classic Series is delivered fully assembled and only requires assembly of the stainless steel cart to begin enjoying the Kamado experience.
  • Charcoal Ceramic Grill Includes heavy duty vinyl cover 596 sq. in. cooking surface on 2-tier 304 stainless steel flip cooking grates Thick ceramic construction creates a convection heat environment for even cooking and reduces charcoal usage Thick ceramic wall construction reduces heat transfer and eliminates risk of burns from exterior Dual lid lift assist springs Heat Thermometer Stainless Steel Top Vent 2-solid surface drop down urethaned pine shelves Wheels with locking system Superior construction NSF listed Dimensions: 47.25″ H x 23.5″ W x 27.5″ D Weight: 198 lbs

Vision Grills Classic Kamado Charcoal Grill 596 Sq. In. Cooking Area on 2-tier 304 Ss Flip Cooking Grates. Includes Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover

  • UPGRADE Nomex High-Temp grey felt for Kamado Joe 1 1/8 width
  • High-Temp peel & stick adhesive backing
  • Same size as OEM and outlasts original wool felt gasket
  • Heavy Weight for extended life
  • The only UPGRADE KIT for your Kamado Joe!

Product Description
UPGRADE NOMEX High-Temp Grey Felt Grill Replacement Gasket for Kamado Joe (R) with special 1 1/1/8 width!

This Nomex® felt with adhesive peel & stick backing replaces the OEM wool or polyester felt gasket. This felt is designed for high temperature applications and will outperform & outlast wool or polyester felt.

Each unit comes individually packaged with instructions included. 13 feet 3 inches of felt in 1/8 thickness and 1 1/8 width (OEM Standard size) is provided, enough to outfit size Classic & Big Joe.

Nomex High-temp Grill Replacement & UPGRADE Gasket for Kamado Joe

Product Description
Porcelain V-Rack For XLarge and Large EGGs

VRP Rib Rack for Big Green Egg, Primo, and Kamado Joe

  • Solid steel
  • Slightly curved end for easy cleaning
  • Great for getting the ashes out of your bayou classic grill

Product Description
The Bayou Classic Ash Rake has been specifically designed for use with the Bayou Classic Cypress Grill. The long steel bar and slightly curved end makes ash clean up easier. Can be used on most charcoal grills.

Bayou Classic Ash Rake