Big green egg prices have become more and more affordable in the years since this unique grill was invented. Originally appearing in a strip mall in 1970′s Atlanta, the creators bragged huge spikes in sales every year since its debut.

These grills have been developed an amazing following of dedicated grillers who swear by the egg. Because of big green egg prices being too high in the past many people were turned away from them, however it is often heard in grilling circles that once you go egg, you never go back. The loyal users of these grills affectionately refer to themselves as ‘eggheads’ and they are quite addicted to these ceramic grills.

A few of the reasons that are argued as to why big green egg prices are worth the investment include the incredible ability of the grills to quickly obtains a very high temperature and hold the temperature for an absorbent amount of time. Users report extremely even cooking temperatures and a remarkably easy to clean grill.

The ease of use and simple maintenance are very attractive to beginner grillers and the advanced alike!

Big green egg prices have been dropping consistently, however there are still better times of the year to purchase as demand play a big factor in these type of grills. The big green egg is currently protected by trademark; however it was developed from the design of Asian kamado style grills. These type of grills can sometimes be found cheaper than the egg.

U.S. military first saw these types of grills while overseas in the Pacific, however this style of grill can also be found in India and other countries through-out history. The big green egg is often referred to as the Swiss army knife of grills.

With the vast selection of green egg grills there is a solution for everyone. Big green egg prices range anywhere from $199.99 upwards of $1199.99 for the biggest and most feature rich models.

No matter how much you spend on your big green egg, you will not be disappointed in its use. It will undoubtedly serve you for many years and will be the talk of your neighbors and friends at all of your outdoor events.

Many home grillers who have purchased one are now so grill-savvy that they participate in grilling competitions. The most well know green egg cook-off is the Eggtoberfest, and happens every year in Atlanta. Dishes of all types and tastes appear there cooked only on the coveted green eggs. Everything from giant 10 pound cheeseburgers, to authentic Philly chessesteaks, to wonderfully baked pies can be found at this Egg-Tastic event!

Of course if you can accept the big green egg prices, but aren’t an experienced griller, there is still hope! For the new egg owners who would like some help getting to the top of the class of eggheads, egg classes will soon be unrolled on a nationwide scale. This will allow people of all skill levels to learn from the masters and help invent and shape the new lines of green egg cookers.

Big Green Egg Vertical Pot Roast
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  • 10″ Heavy-Duty Enclosure Bar Grill – Matt Black.
  • Heavy-Duty 10″ Bar Grill.
  • Matt Black Finish. 1-5/8″ Clearance.
  • Fits 10″ Opening Enclosures.

Product Description
Audio Enhancers 10inch Heavy-Duty Enclosure Bar Grill-Matt Black Finish 1-5/8inch Clearance

Audio Enhancers 10inch Heavy-Duty Enclosure Bar Grill-Matt Black Finish 1-5/8inch Clearance

  • Tomato Paste
  • Chili Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Garlic

Product Description
In 1957 authentic Greek heritage merged with deep southern tradition to create a unique and incredible taste the Bar-b-q world has never seen.

Alabama is home of many great things – Demetri’s Bar-b-q is one of them.

A Birmingham landmark for area for over 50 years. People come from all over to experience the mouthwatering taste of Demetri’s and familiar faces.

Demetri’s BBQ Sauce Alabama Barbecue Bar-b-q

  • A dark, full-bodied blend of Asia/Pacific coffees balancing earthy, herbal and spicy flavors.
  • Tasting Notes: Cedary Spice & Herbs
  • Enjoy this with: Maple bars and hanging paper lanterns.
  • Roast: Dark
  • Ethically sourced 100% Arabica coffee beans

Product Description
Rare beans from Indonesia anchor this coffee’s untamed flavor. A big syrupy body, tastes of fresh green herbs and lingering spice-all coming together with a deep earthiness that plays in every cup. Extraordinary and wild, like its namesake.

Starbucks Komodo Dragon Blend®, Whole Bean Coffee

  • 15″ Heavy-Duty Enclosure Bar Grill – Chrome.
  • Heavy-Duty 15″ Bar Grill.
  • Chrome Finish. 1-7/8″ Clearance.
  • Fits 15″ Opening Enclosures.

Product Description
Audio Enhancers 15inch Heavy-Duty Enclosure Bar Grill-Chrome Finish 1-7/8inch Clearance

Audio Enhancers 15inch Heavy-Duty Enclosure Bar Grill-Chrome Finish 1-7/8inch Clearance

  • Rated up to 1000DegreeF (530DegreeC)
  • 5/8-Inch by 7-Feet Rope
  • For interior use only

Product Description
These graphite-impregnated gaskets resist abrasion and creosote adhesion while providing an excellent seal. Braided to prevent unwinding and built to last, these are the recommended replacement for worn out gaskets in wood or coal burning stoves and fireplaces. Conveniently packaged with E-Z Spread Fiberglass Stove Gasket Cement and available in different sizes.

Rutland 96W-6 Grapho-Glas Rope Gasket Replacement Kit, 5/8-Inch by 7-Feet

  • Made of aramid fibers that form a heat barrier for ultimate protection
  • Glove withstands heat up to 475 degrees F
  • Silicone textured surface for superior grip
  • Extended length provides superior coverage of the wrist and lower arm
  • Reversible for left or right hand

Product Description
Never burn your hands again when handling hot objects on the grill. The Charcoal Companion Pit Mitt is made of aramid fibers, also used in aerospace, to form a barrier preventing heat from entering the soft cotton inner layer for ultimate protection. The Pit Mitt withstands temperatures of up to 425-degrees. Long length protects lower arm. Mitt is has silicone on the surface for superior grip and is reversible for left or right hand.


pit mitt

Fits better than most gloves and can be worn on either right or left hand (view larger).

Handle hot items around and directly off a very hot grill with Charcoal Companion’s Pit Mitt, an aramid fiber glove with soft blended cotton lining. Reversible for left or right hand, the Pit Mitt has a silicone-textured surface for superior grip.

The glove’s aramid fibers are the same as used in spacesuits and firefighter gear. The fit of this glove allows for more pronounced usage around and on the grill surface. You can easily pick up and handle small skewers or handles that might be difficult to do with other grill gloves. And the glove extends past the wrist for more protection of the hand and lower arm, which makes it great for dumping a chimney full of blazing hot coals, or replacing a screaming hot grill grate. Wear this glove on either the right or left hand and rest assured that you’ve got a great, heat resistant grip with the textured silicone pattern on the glove’s exterior.

Able to fit most size hands, the Pit Mitt is heat safe up to 475 degrees F. Hand wash only, and air dry.

What’s in the Box

One Charcoal Companion Pit Mitt

pit mitt grill
Extended length provides superior coverage of the wrist and lower arm (view larger).
pit mitt grill
Glove withstands heat up to 475 degrees F (view larger).

Charcoal Companion Ultimate Barbecue Pit Mitt – CC5102

  • Type 1 connection for gas grills, RV’s, and boats
  • Fits all propane tanks manufactured after 1995
  • See at a glance when your propane level is low
  • Provides excess flow protection in case of a broken gas line
  • Provides thermal protection in case of fire

Product Description
The Camco RV Propane/Gauge Leak Detector is designed to allow you to see at a glance when your propane level is low. It fits all propane tanks manufactured after 1995.

Camco 59023 RV Propane Gauge/Leak Detector

Product Description
After you put Kamado-san on a gas stove ignited,you do not need firepower adjustment. Rice can become impressive delicious plump taste by effect of far-infrared.

Kamado-san 3 Gou

  • Pen style thermometer complete with a metal clip on the back and a black lanyard to keep your thermometer close at hand during cooking time
  • 1.25 inch LCD display allows you to read from a distance
  • Featuring a thin probe that creates a smaller hole in your meat keeping it as moist as possible
  • Measures temperature ranges from -40 degrees to 450 degrees fahrenheit and -40 degrees to 232 degrees celsius
  • The hold function allows you to remove from your meat and read the temperature outside of the oven

Product Description

9847 Instant Read Digital Thermometer

Food safety is always an issue – especially when it comes to your family! Undercooked meat can put your family at risk for all types of illness. The best way to combat salmonella and other food related bacteria is cooking raw meats to the proper temperatures. The 9847 Instant Read Digital Thermometer by Taylor puts you on the right course for food safety. Meat cooked to proper temperatures is not only safe for your family, but comes out tasting fantastic!

  • 8.5″ x 1.5″ overall size
  • 4″ long stainless steel probe, 4.25″ body
  • Exclusive easy- to- read high contrast 1.25″ LED readout. The display is easily visible from every angle, even in dim light
  • HOLD feature

The Taylor 9847 Instant Read Digital Thermometer has a stainless steel probe with a step down tip (thinner at the end) that makes a smaller hole in your meat. This is important to keep your roast as moist as possible. A large hole made from a larger probe allows the natural juices from the meat to escape, drying out your main course. There are 3 buttons for use: ON/OFF, F°/C° (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and HOLD. That’s it! Hit the ON/OFF button to turn on the unit, choose Fahrenheit or Celsius, insert the probe and wait 10 seconds for the temperature reading to display. Hit the HOLD button and remove the thermometer from your meat. Then you are able to read the temperature outside the heat of the oven. The HOLD function allows for the internal temperature readings to be stored on the display, even when the thermometer is removed from the food. The LCD provides your temperature reading at a glance. The thermometer has a temperature range of -40F° to 450°F or -40°C to 232°C. The 9847 is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified so it complies with all their standards for the quality, durability and cleanability of consumer products.


The 9847 Instant Read Digital Thermometer is made of easy to clean, waterproof plastic with Safe-T-Guard anti-microbial protection on the sleeve and housing. Safe-T-Guard inhibits the growth of bacterial odor and mold. The unit has a 7.25″ x 1″ overall size: 3″ long stainless steel probe, 4″ body with a white face and 1.25″ LCD display. Being a pen-style item, there is a metal clip on the back and a black lanyard to keep your thermometer close at hand during cooking time. The outer sleeve clicks tight over the stainless steel probe protecting your hands from accidents in the gadget drawer. When it use, the sleeve clicks to the end of the unit creating a longer handle for use. The auto shut-off feature extends the battery life.


Inside the blister card you’ll find the 9847 Digital Thermometer with anti-microbial sleeve and housing with metal clip, black nylon lanyard and stainless steel probe, instructions printed on back, 1 LR44 battery.

The digital thermometer has a 1 year warranty and runs on 1 LR44 battery (included).

Taylor 9847 Compact Waterproof Digital Thermometer Taylor 9835 Digital Thermometer with LED Readout Taylor 9831-21 Ultra Slim/Ultra Thin Thermometer Taylor 9842 Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer
Temperature Range -40ºF to 450ºF
-40ºC to 232ºC
-40ºF to 450ºF
-40ºC to 232ºC
-40ºF to 450ºF
-40ºC to 232ºC
-40ºF to 450ºF
-40ºC to 232ºC
Readout Size 1.15″w x 0.5″h 1.25″w x 0.6″h 1.1″w x 0.8″h 0.8″w x 0.35″h
Waterproof Yes No Yes Yes
Recalibratible No No Yes (with button set) Yes (with button sleeve)
Anti-bacterial Housing Yes No No Yes
Sleeve Yes with lanyard Yes Yes Yes with clip
Probe Length 3″ with step down tip 3.7″ with step down tip 5.3″ – thin 2.5mm step down tip at 1.5mm 4.75″ with step down tip
Battery 1 – LR44 included 2-CR2032 lithium included 1-CR2032 lithium included 1 – LR44 included

Taylor 9847 Compact Waterproof Digital Thermometer

  • MCM 93321 replacement porcelain steel heat plate / shield
  • Fits Models Including: Charbroil Models: Designer Series 463261006, Designer Series 463261106, Commercial Series 463268606, Commerical Series 46328706, Lowes 463248108, Lowes 463268007, Lowes 463268008, Lowes 463268107, Performance Series 461262006, 463261006, 463261106, 463268606, 46328706, 463248108, 463268007, 463268008, 463268107, 461262006
  • Replaces Charbroil part #80003332
  • Kenmore Sears Models: 463268107
  • Thermos Models: 461262006

Product Description
New product from bbq factory: 93321 replacement porcelain steel heat plate / shield,Dimensions: 16 ” x 3 13/16″ Material: Porcelain Steel Brand New from Factory Replaces Charbroil part #80003332

93321 Porcelain Steel Heat Plate Replacement for Select Gas Grill Models, Charbroil and Others